Our research consultancy services include research strategy planning, advice on research design, and carrying out quantitative, qualitative and desk research projects.

Planning & Resourcing

Research strategy planning: We can help prioritise your market research needs and advise on the most suitable research approaches.

Research project design: We love a challenge and if you have a difficult research problem, we’ll come up with a solution. We create tailored designs to every assignment we undertake. We bring knowledge of sampling theory and a pragmatic approach to create sample designs that will deliver robust evidence within your budget.

Project management: We can manage the whole project from start to finish or work as part of a team. You have the reassurance of a highly experienced researcher involved at every step of the way. Complex assignments are in safe hands with us and we pride ourselves on delivering on time and on budget.

Outsourcing: If you’ve got an urgent project you simply don’t have capacity to undertake in-house, we can provide the additional resource you need.

Data Collection

Desk research: Answers to your research problem may already exist in-house or in the public domain. Desk research is about sifting through published statistics and previous research to find the nuggets of gold. We also use preliminary desk research to help with scoping more complex assignments.

Questionnaire design: The questionnaire is the survey researcher’s tool of the trade. Writing a good questionnaire is a skill learnt through practice and we have a wealth of experience. We aim to ask the questions that will deliver insights not just more data!

Survey fieldwork and data processing through affiliates: We provide all quantitative survey fieldwork methods: face –to-face or telephone interviews, and postal or online self-completion questionnaires. We use partner agencies to conduct survey interviews, to manage postal survey mailouts and to handle data processing.

Qualitative depth interviews and focus groups: Qualitative research gets beneath the surface to explore the motives and attitudes that drive people’s behaviour and to help generate new concepts. We can devise discussion topic guides, facilitate focus groups and carry out face-to-face or telephone depth interviews.


Data analysis and interpretation: We use our experience to interpret the data intelligently, highlight key findings and draw out insights.

Statistical techniques: We carry out statistical analysis such as significance testing on trends, cluster analysis to segment target audiences or multiple regression to identify key drivers of stakeholder satisfaction.

Presentation and reporting: We communicate research evidence that is grounded in the data, clear and accessible. We separate findings clearly from conclusions and recommendations. We disseminate results through presentations, round table discussions, workshops and written reports. We deliver insights that are action-oriented, to help improve the performance of your organisation.